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The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Project

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Project Lifecycle is Humanizing Diversity’s method for helping organizations transform their culture, increase employee engagement, and build internal capacity to assess and sustain DEI efforts. 

We work with you to identify what level of intervention is best for your organization. Through this process we can help your leadership define and calibrate the existing organizational culture, plan for implementing our recommendations, and begin your journey for building a more inclusive culture.


Commitment is crucial to any culture initiative. The strongest predictor of the success of an organizational culture initiative is the level of commitment from senior leadership.


It is critical to lead an initiative with data which minimizes reliance on guesswork and grounds a project in objectivity.


We create a customized organizational roadmap to guide your process and benchmark your progress against objective data. Our step-by-step process creates clarity and reassures your team that progress is being made.


We have the capacity to implement a variety of methods to engage and develop your organization based on your needs.


We help clients evaluate progress by checking in on stated goals and periodically redeploying assessments.


Sometimes organizational change efforts go off course. Our methodology allows us to quickly ascertain any derailment and quickly course-correct.


Our clients are expected to sustain their culture initiatives independent of our consultation services. We build capacity transfer into every engagement.

Organizational Assessment & Analysis



We provide a range of assessment solutions and methods to meet your needs. These include, among others:

  • Workplace Inclusion (survey and/or focus groups)

  • 3 P’s Review (Practices, Procedures, and Processes – aka HR people practices)

  • Workforce Representation

  • Talent Landscape

  • Company DNA Mapping 

  • Exit Analysis 

  • Supplier Diversity

  • Community Relations 

  • Marketplace Opportunity


Experiential Learning Experiences

Creating authentic inclusion at work has become increasingly important to organizations. We support organizations by providing brain-based training that equips employees with the tools to achieve meaningful inclusion throughout their organizations.

Support at Every Stage of The Journey

We know that no two organizations are exactly alike, which is why our solutions are modular, flexible, and customized to meet our clients’ needs. Our custom learning experiences can:

  • Help reduce turnover by increasing morale, engagement, and productivity

  • Minimize risk by supporting compliance and legal requirements

  • Develop and sustain an environment of inclusive excellence

Our experiential inclusive learning experiences cover a range of subjects including: Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Managerial Skill Building, Discrimination and Harassment, Unconscious Bias and more. Custom workshops and trainings can be developed upon request.

  • Additional Learning Experiences

  • Fireside chats

  • Webinars

  • Coaching

  • Micro-learning

  • Content Licensing




Inspire and Activate

We offer keynotes, talks, and fireside chats of varying lengths, themes and levels of interaction. From a 30 minute, 5000 person keynote to a multi-day virtual conference or event, we have got you covered.


Our keynotes are designed to inspire, inform, and challenge audiences to shift their thinking and find the courage to be the change they wish to see within their organization and/or community. Our speakers are fully equipped to work with both virtual and in-person teams.

  • Building Inclusive Workplaces

  • Addressing Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions

  • The Power of Privilege

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Race and Equity

  • Neurodiversity

  • Allyship

  • Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination

Fireside Chats

Engage and inspire your group . We will partner with a member of your leadership team for a virtual discussion. We will answer questions tailored to your organization’s needs, including audience interaction Together you will co-create an engaging experience for your organization.

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